Alejano alarmed by ‘double-faced’ China’s actions on Kagitingan Reef

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Magdalo partylist Rep. Gary Alejano on Wednesday slammed Malacañang’s statement understating China’s development of reclaimed Kagitingan Reef into an airbase, and saying “no breach of good faith” was done by China.

In a statement, the Magnificent 7 lawmaker said, “Good faith has long been breached by China and this continues up to now.”

“China says one thing in public, but does another on the ground,” said Alejano, a former Marine captain.

Alejano said its aggressive reclamation activities since 2012 and now the increasing militarization in the West Philippine Sea are testament to a “double-faced China.”

“Unfortunately, the Duterte administration – our government itself – keeps on justifying China’s actions proving its subservience to the latter,” he said.

“This only brings further detriment to our territorial claims and national security,” he said.

According to reports, Kagitingan Reef, which is within the Philippine exclusive economic zone, has now developed into an airbase with various military facilities. More than 200 soldiers were also said to be stationed there, Alejano said.