Atat maupo! Gomez hits Zamora’s ‘desperate move’ to oust her

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San Juan City Mayor Guia Gomez lambasted her political rival former Vice Mayor Francis Zamora for the latter’s apparent “desperate” tactics to unseat her.

Reacting to the election recall, the lady politiko clarified that she was not hiding and she was ready to face Zamora in a possible repeat of mayoral battle next year.

“I am not afraid to face and defeat my former vice mayor once again, if this will really take place next year,” Gomez said.

“It is sad that while everyone is in high spirits to celebrate the Christmas holidays, there are some individuals, who are all in their desperate attempts to dampen our holidays with their political divisive efforts,” she added.

Zamora earlier asked the poll body to intervene on how to serve the resolution to Gomez saying that the latter has gone missing in action.

“We appeal to the Comelec en Banc to guide the Comelec San Juan election officers on how to properly serve the notice of sufficiency as Mayor Gomez is not reporting to work in the City Hall and is evading the election officer,” he said.

Gomez denied Zamora’s claims saying that she “will take the legal and appropriate course and will respect the decision of Comelec.”

“I cannot really understand why they are so desperate considering that it is actually one and half years to go before I finish my third and last term,” she stressed.