Fatherly love: Sonny Belmonte shows up as proxy for Joy’s events

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The family that helps each other, succeeds together.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte put in another good word for her dear father Rep. Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte, Jr. as he agreed to show up as proxy for one of her events around Quezon City.

The former mayor now congressman agreed to attend a gift-giving activity in Barangay Batasan Hills to take Joy’s place, which turned out the be a great surprise for both her dad and the residents of the area.

The young Belmonte thanked her dad for returning the favor, as she recalled having campaigned for him back in 2001 when Sonny was running against actor Rudy Fernandez.

“These days he does the same for me. Truly words are easily said, but sacrifices made to help your loved one achieve her/his dream to be an agent of positive change is quite another,” Joy said in a Facebook post.

What a dream team!