Alejano twits Fariñas for ‘bragging’ about dismissal of Duterte impeach raps in Moscow

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Magdalo partylist Rep. Gary Alejano took exception to the remarks made by House Majority Leader Rudy Fariñas at the International Conference of Parliamentarians Against Drugs held in Moscow, Russia last December 4.

During the conference, Fariñas said the impeachment complaint filed by Alejano against President Rodrigo Duterte was based on pure hearsay and conjectures.

But the Magdalo lawmaker said the dismissal of the case was not something for the House leadership to be proud of.

“The dismissal of the impeachment complaint is not something for MFL Fariñas to brag about or be proud of because it is a perfect example of tyranny of majority,” Alejano said. “The outcome was decided upon politically and not objectively – overlooking the gravity and merits of the impeachment complaint. As we are witnessing in the ongoing impeachment proceedings, rules are used for the convenience and interests of the supermajority,” he said.

Alejano said it’s not true his complaint was based only on hearsay, arguing that, “With regards to allegations of extrajudicial killings, I have also said that I have talked with the witnesses and I am ready to present them before the body at the proper time.”

“However, I was robbed the chance to speak and be heard and was bombarded with premature questions which are beyond what is required to determine the sufficiency in form and substance of the impeachment complaint,” he said.