Chillax lang! Palace assures no revgov amid Bonifacio Day rallies

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Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque assured that President Rodrigo Duterte would not declare a revolutionary government despite calls for him to do so.

Thousands of pro-Duterte supporters trooped to Mendiola on Thursday coinciding the country’s commemoration of Bonifacio Day urging the President to declare a revolutionary government.

Vice President Leni Robredo expressed alarm over the participation and support of several government officials to the rallies.

But Roque was quick to allay the fears of Robredo reiterating that Duterte will not resort to declaring such type of government unless the country is “weak and dying.”

“With all due respect to the Vice President, I do not see what is alarming because the President has time and again said that he will only resort to revolutionary government … kapag lupaypay na ‘yung gobyerno, ‘pag naghihingalo na ‘yung gobyerno,” he said.

“And of course, hindi naman ganyan ang nangyayari sa gobyerno ngayon. He is the constitutional president. He won with an overwhelming lead over his rivals, and he enjoys unprecedented popularity,” he added.

He noted that while some allies of Duterte support revolutionary government, there is no basis and need for such declaration for now.

“Even if there are government officials there, that is their personal belief. I think it just so happened the issue of a revolutionary government, I think it’s the last issue that the opposition can use against the President,” he said.

“So it’s actually a combination of some supporters of the President and the opposition making a big deal out of this revolutionary government,” he added.