Pa-cute lang! Zarate slams Trudeau over imported Canadian trash

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By: Xave Gregorio

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate slammed Canadian Prime Minister and “APEC hottie” Justin Trudeau for engaging in publicity stunts while being incapable of addressing issues.

“Nagpapa-cute itong si Prime Minister Trudeau, pero hindi nga nila makuha-kuha ang tinapong basura dito sa Pilipinas,” Zarate said.

Zarate is referring to the 2,500-ton shipment of Canadian garbage in 103 shipping containers that has been rotting in a Philippine landfill for four years now.

The containers were allowed entry as they were disguised as recyclable plastics, but turned out to be household junk, including soiled adult diapers.

During Trudeau’s first visit to the Philippines two years ago, he promised a “Canadian solution” to the problem and the enactment of legislation to ensure a similar fiasco would never happen again.

However, heaps of Canadian trash still sits rotting in Philippine soil to this day.

Meanwhile, Trudeau paid a visit to Jollibee on his first day in Manila, to the delight of many Filipinos.