Gabriela calls Trump ‘sexist CEO of US imperialism’

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Gabriela partylist Representatives Emmi de Jesus and Arlene Brosas described US President Donald Trump as the “sexist CEO of US imperialism” as the US leader arrived in the country on Sunday for the Asean meetings.

The Makabayan congresswomen also called Trump the “most popular misogynist and militarist,” adding that he is not welcome in the Philippines.

“Trump, who is the most popular misogynist and militarist today, is certainly not welcome here in the Philippines. Women and the people will give him today a roaring condemnation on the streets and will thwart his renewed push for military buildup in the country and in Southeast Asia with his offer to mediate in the territorial spat,” De Jesus said.

“His meeting with President Duterte raises the specter of increased militarization across the country and the region, with the Philippine government being the good imperialist lapdog that it has been for the longest time,” she added.

Brosas slammed President Rodrigo Duterte for “shepherding Asean countries towards regional economic integration,” which she said will result in worse influx of imports, labor export and migrants’ abuses, more job losses, and further decay of local enterprises.

“Duterte is no different from previous Philippine presidents in being the neoliberal cheerleader in multilateral meetings, with his push for increased trade liberalization and regional integration,” she said.