Belaro: Maybe Rappler should seek accreditation from Mocha Uson

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While making it clear he’s not siding with anyone, 1-Ang Edukasyon partylist Rep. Salvador Belaro Jr. wondered if online news website Rappler should assign a reporter to be “accredited” by the office of Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson.

“The thought has occurred to me though that perhaps Rappler could gain from also being accredited with the office of Asec. Uson. Nothing prevents Rappler from sending two reporters: one with the MPC (Malacañang Press Corps) and the other with the PCOO (Presidential Communication Operations Office) social media office,” he said in a statement.

“Rappler might even get stories and perspectives not available to the MPC. Rappler may want to consider this,” Belaro said.

He was reacting to the controversy raised by Uson’s letter asking whether Rappler, as a news website without a traditional print or broadcast platform, should be accredited by her office instead.

Though he gave Uson props for the suggestion, Belaro, however, said he does not consider the reaction of journalists and some in the general public to Uson’s letters “baseless or unjustified.”

“The MPC and other are correct in warning against any form of regulation of the news media because the freedom of the press is inviolable and cannot be abridged in any shape or form. They must always be vigilant. Even any hint or shadow of abridgment of press freedom must be squarely confronted,” he said.