Robert Ortega remembers good times with ka-love team Isabel Granada

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It’s not easy to let go of a friend for 30 years.

Actor now Manila Councilor Robert Ortega, Jr. bid goodbye to Isabel Granada, who passed away after an aneurysm attack while in Qatar.

Hours after hearing about Granada’s passing, Ortega took to Instagram his sorrow and gratitude for having shared a good portion of his showbiz career with the beautiful actress, complete with throwback photos of their glory days.

“Let me just start by stating the obvious, I Miss You. We have been friends for 3 decades, and dealing with your untimely demise is evidently not something I’m prepared for at all,” Ortega wrote.

“You have contributed to who I am in some way, shape or form, and for that I am grateful. To my beautiful friend, kumare, loveteam who was taken too soon, I love you and miss you.”


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