Tulong-tulong laban sa droga! Erap reactivates barangay anti-drug council

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Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada’s greatest dream is for his city to become the first ever drug-free city in the country.

To achieve this, the veteran politiko has ordered the revitalization of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council or BADAC, already organized in 896 barangays of Manila and tasked to fight illegal drugs in the city.

“We need to reorient, revitalize, or re-strengthen our BADACs if we want to achieve a 100 percent drug-free city,” Estrada said.

“We cannot do that if not all the barangays are cooperating,” he added.

Estrada made the move following President Duterte’s decision to transfer the anti-drug war to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) amid allegations of abuse against the Philippine National Police.

Estrada lamented that only half of the BADAC in his city have been performing well in combatting illegal drugs.

The mayor is targeting to declare at least 50 percent of the 896 barangays drug-free by December.

At least 24 barangays have so far been officially declared drug-free since July.

BADAC will undergo workshops, seminars and trainings as part of efforts to revitalize them.

The city is also planning to grant incentives and awards to top-performing barangays to encourage them to work hard.