Quezon City to strengthen ties with people’s organizations, NGOs

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The Quezon City Council approved a resolution allowing Mayor Herbert Bautista to strengthen the city”s ties with various various people’s organizations (POs) for better and continuous cooperation and coordination of their activities with the city government.

The City Council approved City Resolution 7111-2017, introduced by Councilor Eric Medina, which seeks to strengthen its linkages with POs by improving the delivery of basic services, capability building and livelihood projects, and developing local entrepreneurship towards the enhancement of the city constituents’ social and economic well-being.

The city government acknowledges the importance that non-government organizations (NGOs) and POs play in the delivery of basic services to various communities of Quezon City.

The resolution is pursuant to theSection 34 of the Local Government Code of 1991, which states that “local government units shall promote the establishment and operation of people’s and non-governmental organizations to become active partners in the pursuit of local autonomy.”

The Quezon City government believes that joining forces with the NGOs and POs in the city will serve the people better and uplift their economic condition at a brisker rate.