Level up from ‘kuliglig:’ Erap to launch e-trike program in Malate

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After Binondo, Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada is set to introduce electric tricycles (E-trikes) to Malate – part of the city’s tourist belt – with the distribution of 80 more units of environment-friendly public transport vehicles to another batch of beneficiaries.

Estrada said this is a testament of his administration’s earnest desire to help Manila’s “poorest of the poor” have their own source of livelihood while at the same time take part in the national government’s efforts to fight pollution.

“As I have promised before, more indigent Manilenos, particularly those poor tricycle and ‘kuliglig’ drivers, will benefit from this E-trike program,” the Manila mayor said.

“They cannot just be drivers forever, now have their own new tricycles. With no daily boundary to pay to the operator, they’ll earn more for their families,” he added.

The Estrada administration launched its E-trike project last April as a means to combat air pollution and improve the livelihood of some 1,500 legally franchised tricycle drivers in the city and 25,000 other “colorum” drivers of tricycles and kuliglig or motorized bicycles.

Last April, Estrada gave away 50 brand-new E-trikes to the first batch of driver-beneficiaries in Binondo.