Erap proud of Manila’s competitiveness honor

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Maintaining its high ranking in the annual Regional Competitiveness Summit since 2013, the City of Manila emerged as the country’s second most competitive city, Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada announced today.

Estrada said Manila also took home the top spot in government efficiency category, 2nd in infrastructure, and 3rd in resiliency handed out by the public-private sector organization National Competitiveness Council (NCC) during the 5th Annual Regional Competitiveness Summit last Wednesday, August 16.

NCC’s Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index ranks cities, municipalities and provinces of the country according to their economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure.

For 2017, it added a “resiliency” component in the scorecard to make the rankings at par with those of other countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

“We are very proud and pleased that the City of Manila has been named again as one of the Philippines’ most competitive cities, and we’re number two,” Estrada said.

“The accolades belong not to me but to every Manileno, every taxpayer, and every city government employee and official who cooperated and worked hard to transform our formerly bankrupt city to an economically progressive city today,” he added.