Manila emergency units on full alert amid quake concerns

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Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada on Monday placed Manila’s emergency units in renewed full alert amidst the local disaster chief’s warning that the feared “Big One” – a 7.2 magnitude tremor – may strike metropolis anytime soon.

This following 6.3-magnitude quake that hit Batangas on Friday and which was felt in several cities in Metro Manila.

Estrada, while trying not to sound as an alarmist, said it is better to be prepared at all times because millions of lives and precious properties are at great risks should that strong earthquake indeed hit Metro Manila.

In the barangays, Estrada said the training of the all-volunteer Manila Community Emergency Response Teams (MCERTs) is still ongoing, particularly in reporting and evacuation procedures.

In Friday’s quake, Estrada lauded the various sectors in Manila that exhibited a prompt and appropriate response to the situation, particularly in the evacuation and reporting procedures that they executed.

He added this is a “concrete positive result” of the series of training on calamity response that the city government has been conducting with different groups, organizations and sectors in the city.