Erap targets tax amnesty for delinquent landowners

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada will soon grant amnesty to property owners who have been negligent in paying their monthly amortization fees under the city government’s Land-for-the-Landless program (LLP).

Estrada has asked the City Council to hasten the passage of Draft Ordinance No. 7834 that seeks to provide an opportunity to delinquent land awardees to easily settle their unpaid obligations.

“We understand that life is hard for many LLP beneficiaries, who are mostly poor,” the Manila mayor said, “so we deemed it necessary to grant amnesty or condonation to the qualified awardees.”

“These delinquencies and delayed payments could be due to the least priority accorded by some beneficiaries to the program, preferring instead to part with their hard-earned money on expenses like food, clothing, and schooling,” Estrada noted.