Level up! Valenzuela street soccer team to compete abroad

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Mayor Rex Gatchalian is looking forward for the Valenzuela City Street Soccer team to compete in international games next year.

Gatchalian issued the statement after Laos Football Club held two-day friend street soccer match between the City’s Street Soccer League and Quezon City Football Club over the weekend.

“We will continue to train our players so that come next year we can deploy them to international meets, ” Gatchalian told Politiko in an interview.

The Valenzuela City Street Soccer is the first street soccer league in the city. It is run in collaboration with the Department of Education – Valenzuela which aims to teach personal and social values for the grade 2 and grade 5 pupils.

“We have been doing this for a year only yet the students have been showing innate talents, and we want to continue honing these talents, ” the mayor added.

The City street soccer team is being trained by Laos Football Club, a professional Filipino football club based in Tacloban, Leyte and is currently playing in the United Football League.