11 drug addicts complete Navotas rehab

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Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco has announced that eleven former drug users have graduated from Bidahan, a community-based treatment, and rehabilitation program led by the Navotas Anti-Drug Abuse Council (NADAC).

Under Bidahan, participants undergo a three-day seminar where they learned how illegal drugs affect their mind and body, and how to avoid getting addicted to it.

“They were also taught proper grooming, healthy lifestyle, as well as how to value themselves and their loved ones and work on their spiritual renewal,” the mayor said.

For six months, participants also engaged in a twice a week counseling sessions conducted by Narcotics Anonymous.

“Drug addiction is considered an illness. Drug users, more aptly called persons with substance use disorder, need the love and support of their family and community for them to be able to fully recover,” Tiangco, also the NADAC chairperson said.

“Let us give them the chance to change their ways. Let us help them in their struggle to redeem themselves and become responsible and productive citizens,” he added.

The Bidahan program started in October 2016 and has since had seven batches of participants. Participants who completed the program were given certificates, Tiangco said.