Taray! Abby Binay shows students who’s boss about class suspensions

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Makati City Mayor Abby Binay proved to students she calls the shots when it comes to school suspensions when she was flooded by comments at the height of the rains on July 26.

Upset that she had yet to suspend classes for the following day as of 10 p.m., several Grade 10 students added Binay’s account in their chat groups in hopes she will learn about their frustration that they still had to go to school even if it was raining non-stop.

Binay left most of the chat groups but stayed on in one to tell students: “I can always suspend class, and you can spend your Saturdays in school.”

It was unclear what transpired before her reply, but on the morning of June 28, the school decided to suspend classes.

On Twitter, Binay also had a snarky comeback to a netizen who asked why Makati had yet to suspend classes when other cities in Metro Manila already did.

“Ah eh, contest ba ‘to?” she asked.

Binay stood her ground that classes will continue in Makati City until Malacanang suspended classes in all levels all over Metro Manila later that day.