Respeto naman: Gary Alejano slams Duterte’s sloppy military uniform

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The camouflage demands it be respected.

President Rodrigo Duterte should show his respect and solidarity with the military by wearing his uniform as neatly as possible — after all, he’s commander-in-chief of all government forces, so says Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano.

The ex-Marine and former mutineer compared Duterte’s thug look with that of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who wore the fatigue like any other soldier is required to: all buttons done and the beret to match.

In contrast, Duterte carried on with his usual rugged self with folded sleeves, no patches, an unbuttoned collar, and even topped off with a generic baseball cap.

“A president has the discretion in the way he dresses up but when wearing a military uniform there is a manual in the AFP that specifies how to wear one including the placement of awards and decorations,” a disgusted Alejano said on Facebook.

“I suggest that military advisers of PRRD take note of this. May tamang panahon at okasyon naman ang pagiging “bugoy” which PRRD wanted to project himself.”

What a faux pas!