OMG! Miss Manila bet asked what’d she’d say if she woke up beside Erap

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Beauty contests are known to have corny and stupid questions for lovely ladies who join them.

But this question made during Miss Manila 2017 last June 24 really raises the bar for bad taste.

One of the judges, celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac, asked beauty contestant, Sofia Sibug, during the semifinal round this question:

“If you wake up next morning after this pageant and katabi mo si Mayor president, what would be the first words that would come out of your mouth?”

Sibug replied:”I would thank him for doing a great job in all his services to the city and second, I would ask him what’s the secret to aging gracefully because he looks good for his age.”

“I would also congratulate him for a job well done because he has already been elected twice,” Sibug added.

The question and the answer were a big ego booster to Estrada who proudly stood up and raises both arms with clenched fists to acknowledge the crowd’s cheers.

Sibug went on to the final round where she finished third runner up.

Sibug is a Star Magic talent under the screen name “Sofia Romero.” The 5’7″ is a Hotel Administration student at Enderun College.