University of Makati offers scholarship to displaced Marawi students

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The state-owned University of Makati (UMak) has opened its doors to students displaced by the fighting in Marawi City and children of soldiers who died in combat, Makati Mayor Abby Binay said on Thursday.

The incoming students, the mayor said, will be considered full scholars of the university.

“At a time when communities in Marawi face uncertainty, the city government wants to help young Filipinos affected by this situation whose dreams for higher education are put on hold because of the crisis,” Mayor Abby said.

“We are also extending support to children of our fallen soldiers, whose sacrifice of life saved many of our fellow Filipinos but also left their children without fathers,” she added.

Binay said the university has formed a help desk to assist displaced students who wish to continue their college education as they wait for conditions in their communities to get back to normal.

“We hope that this will, in some way, help our young Filipinos affected by the situation in Marawi and reflect the essence of what public service in our city has always been – one that responds to the needs and dreams of its constituents,” the mayor said.