Pag may gyera o sakuna: MMDA named Army Reserve Engineering Brigade

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The Armed Forces of the Philippines has named the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority as the first National Army Reserve Engineering Brigade which can be mobilized to do specific tasks during times of emergencies like disasters or in the event of war as an Engineering Combat Support Unit.

MMDA Officer- in-Charge Tim Orbos said that with the designation, the agency would maximize its resources and personnel to assist in times of disasters and calamities.

“It is an honor to be named and get this title. We owe it to the public that we serve to get immediate response especially in emergency cases,” Orbos said.

The agency earlier expressed its intent to become an affiliated Army reserve unit.

As an Engineering Brigade, the MMDA leadership has selected personnel who are willing to serve and are qualified to perform.

These personnel will undergo Military Orientation Training, inclusive of field exercises.

Those who complete the required training will either be commissioned as officers or enlisted as non-commissioned members of the Army Reserve.