Battle of San Juan: Zamora files recall petition vs Guia Gomez

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Supporters of former vice mayor and defeated mayoral bet Francis Zamora on Wednesday filed a petition before the local Commission on Elections seeking an election recall for the post held by incumbent Mayor Guia Gomez.

In a 19-page petition for recall, the petitioners sought the removal of Gomez for “graft and corruption, abuse of power, negligence of duty, and for having lost the voters’ trust and confidence.”

The petitioners were Sophia Patricia Gil, village councilor of Barangay Progreso Raul Sevilla, MZ Ver Neighborhood Association sa Barangay Kabayanan president Raymond Alzona, and Barangay Corazon de Jesus zone leader Jun Paul Aquino.

The petitioners claimed they have gathered 30,000 signatures from the 75,255 registered voters of San Juan.
The minimum number of signatories required for the petition to be submitted is 20 percent or 15,051.

A recall election is a procedure provided under the Local Government Code to remove certain elected officials, such as mayors.
Zamora lost to Gomez in the 2016 elections by a little more than a thousand votes.

Zamora believes the incumbent mayor lost the trust and confidence of the people as the recall petition has been signed by thousands of people of San Juan.

He added that the recall petition is not about the Zamoras against the Estradas but the people versus the Estradas.

The Zamoras and Gomezes used to be political allies in San Juan. Zamora is the son of San Juan Representative Ronaldo Zamora, while Gomez has a son with former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.