Apurado: Mayor Guia slams Zamora’s “defective” recall petition

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San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez has asked the Commission on Election to junk a recall petition filed by losing mayoralty candidate Francis Zamora and his supporters last Wednesday, describing it as “defective.”

“The petition is defective from the start. It is trying to circumvent our democratic process in a bid to wrest power,” Gomez said in a statement released on Thursday.

Gomez described the petition as a “desperate move” by the Zamora’s to get back to power and to hinder the development of the city under her administration.

“The recall petition filed by those who lost in the elections is a desperate attempt to fulfill their obsession to rule over our beloved city,” added Gomez, who is currently out of the country.

The Zamoras and Gomezes are former political allies in San Juan. Zamora is the son of San Juan Representative Ronaldo Zamora, while Gomez has a son with former president now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

Gomez said Zamora has violated the law in disregarding a rule that collection of signatures for a recall must only begin “a year after the elections.”

“That is a clear violation of the law,” Gomez said.

Right after the May 2016 elections, Zamora immediately asked the Comelec to disqualify Gomez for alleged massive cheating, but he eventually withdrew the protest.