Valenzuela to provide job placements for 142 grads from rehab program

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The Valenzuela City government will help 142 drug surrenderees to land a job, start a business, or continue their education after successfully completing the 6-month rehabilitation program in Pampanga.

“We will do job placements and give seed to capital to those wants to start small businesses,” Mayor Rex Gatchalian said on Sunday, May 14.

“We are extremely happy that they were able to complete 6 months center base rehab, now the next stage is to become productive citizens of our city as a nation,” he added.

On Thursday, the Oplan Tokhang surrenderees graduated after undergoing a 6-month rehabilitation stint at the Central Luzon Rehabilitation Center in Magalang, Pampanga.

Now that they have been freed, Gatchalian said they can meet their full potentials and become the productive citizens they were meant to be.

“The city government as always will be there step of the way. This marks a new beginning as they go back to their families and live a drug-free life,” the Valenzuela politiko said.

“[The] city government of Valenzuela will still extend assistance to them through aftercare programs – helping them find jobs, giving them livelihood grants, and scholarships,” he added.