Good news! Muntinlupa offers free parking for senior citizens, PWDs

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The city government of Muntinlupa announced that it is now implementing an ordinance which offers free parking to all senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs).

The Muntinlupa City Council passed a bill enjoining all establishments with pay parking in the city to offer free parking to them.

Ordinance Number 17-050 urges all operators and owners of business establishments of pay parking and the like, to exempt the Senior Citizens and Persons With Disability in the payment of parking fees.”

The local law was created to give priority for the needs of the elderly and in consonance with the said constitutional principle to motivate and encourage the senior citizens to contribute to nation building.

“The ordinance shall cover all business establishments of pay parking and the like, operating within the jurisdiction of Muntinlupa City which charge parking fees in exchange for parking space/slots/areas at a specific time,” the bill said.

The ordinance covers PWD’s and senior citizens driving or on board a private vehicle. All they have to do is to show their Senior Citizen and PWD identification cards.

The ordinance also requires all establishments in the city to provide spaces or slots to for the senior citizens and the PWD’s.

“This ordinance shall be applied to all private vehicles only and not applicable to Public Utility Vehicles such as PUJs, tricycles, buses, taxi and the likes,” according to the ordinance.

Establishments who violates the ordinance will be penalized.

Violators of the ordinance carries penalties such as follows: P1,000 for 1st offense, P3,000 for the 2nd offense and P5,000 or revocation of business permit to operation for the 3rd offense.