Hali na kayo! Erap inaugurates modernized Quinta Market in Quiapo

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada marked his 80th birthday today with the inauguration of the newly renovated Quinta Market in Quiapo, the latest public market in the city to undergo complete reconstruction.

> Estrada expressed elation that the modernization of Quinta Market has finally been completed to further boost business in Quiapo and expand trading opportunities via the Pasig River through its new fish port and ferry terminal.

> “This is what we’ve been envisioning – a modern, convenient, and mall-like public market both accessible by land and Pasig River,” the Manila mayor said during this morning’s inauguration ceremonies.

> “With a fish port and ferry terminal nearby, we will be able to attract traders and consumers from Metro Manila and nearby provinces, thus, boosting business in Quiapo and in the city as a whole,” Estrada added.

> Located in Carlos Palanca Street near the Pasig River, Quinta Market has been a popular landmark in Quiapo but its dilapidated state prompted the city government to have it renovated and modernized.

> As part of his market rehabilitation program, Estrada reopened April last year the rehabilitated public markets in Sampaloc, Sta. Ana, San Andres, and Trabajo