Parang pelikula! MMDA traffic enforcer engage erring motorist in back-and-forth road chase

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A traffic enforcer of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) was sideswiped by a motorist in Malabon City who refused a ticket on Monday night (April 17).

Traffic Aide 1 Eugene Yadao told Valenzuela Police that his fellow traffic enforcer, Manuel Farinas, flagged down two vehicles – a yellow Isuzu Crosswind and a grey Honda City—for an illegal counter flow on McArthur Highway, Malabon City at around 8 p.m.

Yadao said he approached the male driver of the Honda City, who was later identified as Gregory Frank Baquiran, and immediately informed him of his violation.

When asked for his driver’s license, Baquiran told Yadao that he does not have one.
The driver tried to speed off when the traffic enforcer was about to get the vehicle’s OR/CR from Baquiran. However, a passenger bus blocked the car’s path.

The driver then darted toward Yadao, who was able to cling on the hood of the vehicle.
Yadao hung on for dear life until he fell on Banana Road.

He said a concerned motorcycle rider in the area helped him and chased the fleeing Honda City, which drove toward McArthur Highway in the Valenzuela area.

Yadao said he alighted the motorcycle and told Baquiran to drive the vehicle on the curb upon catching up with the latter at the exit of McArthur Highway-Potrero Malabon.

Instead of heeding the traffic enforcer’s instruction, Baquiran drove again toward Valenzuela.

Yadao and the motorcycle rider continued their pursuit of the errant car until they reached Marulas, Valenzuela where the traffic enforcer spotted a police assistance desk and asked for help from Police Officers 1 Mel John Obejas and Mark Jade Gaoiran.

Later that day, Yadao said he was informed by a local traffic enforcer in Valenzuela that Baquiran had been arrested.