Hindi sila nagtagumpay! Biazon says Sueno sacking didn’t result from hack jobs

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Muntinlupa City Rep. Ruffy Biazon on Tuesday (April 4) pulled the rug under the supposed “chaos-makers” who may be claiming victory amid President Rodrigo Duterte’s sacking of Interior Secretary Mike Sueno.

“The public and most especially other appointees should be assured that the removal was not brought about by infighting, demolition jobs or jockeying for positions by persons or groups who may have intentionally sown distrust due to veiled agendas,” said the administration politiko.

According to Biazon, Sueno’s firing by Duterte was “with a reason and basis for the loss of confidence as far as the appointing power is concerned.”

He added that the Chief Executive’s move was “justified,” being the appointing authority.

Sueno was told about his removal during the Cabinet meeting held in Malacañang on Monday (April 3) afternoon. This, after Duterte was tipped of the Interior Secretary’s alleged activities of corruption.

“This is an example of appointees serving at the pleasure of the president. Importantly, it shows his intolerance of corruption within his administration,” Biazon said.