Mayor Abby, Makatizens take rabies prevention seriously

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The Makati City Veterinary Services Office (MVSO) has given free anti-rabies shots to a total of 3,481 pet dogs and cats in a house-to-house vaccination drive that was launched last March 1 in local barangays in the observance of Rabies Awareness Month.

In a report to Mayor Abby Binay, MVSO chief Dr. Ma. Katherina Mangahas said that her office also conducted an information drive in the nine barangays covered to date to raise the awareness of residents on rabies prevention and responsible pet ownership.

Streamers bearing the program theme “Rabies Iwasan, Alaga’y Pabakunahan” were put up in front of barangay halls, health centers and schools, while leaflets were also given to residents whose pets were vaccinated, according to the city veterinarian.

Mayor Binay thanked the residents who supported the drive by having their four-legged friends vaccinated by MVSO.

“I am glad that many of our constituents positively responded to our campaign against rabies. Let us continue to support the efforts of our city veterinary office to protect Makatizens from this deadly disease,” the lady politiko said.

Based on the report of the MVSO chief, Barangay Bangkal posted the highest number of pets vaccinated, with 987. It was followed by Comembo, 794; Singkamas, 333; Valenzuela, 309; La Paz, 295; Sta. Cruz, 292; Tejeros, 215; Carmona, 133; and Urdaneta, 123.

Mangahas said the drive will be conducted in East Rembo starting this Wednesday (March 22) until the end of the month.

The MVSO conducted the house-to-house anti-rabies drive in coordination with barangay officials, who deployed their respective vaccination teams.