Erap is watching you: Barangay execs involved in drugs now ‘under surveillance’

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Several barangay chairmen in Manila who have been confirmed to be involved in illegal drugs are now being closely monitored, Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada said.

Estrada said the surveillance is part of the evidence-gathering efforts of the Manila Police District (MPD), which is out to pin down these elected barangay officials and expose their alleged links to drug syndicates, including those confirmed to be drug dependents.

“Under surveillance ‘yung iba,” the Manila mayor revealed in an interview when asked what is being done to barangay chairmen who have tested positive for drug use and those who have long been under investigation for their reported involvement in drug trafficking.

While declining to give further details so as not to jeopardize the operations, Estrada reiterated his earlier assurance to publicly name the involved barangay chairmen in due time.

“Hindi muna natin papangalanan. We need complete evidence,” he stressed, adding that criminal and administrative charges await the unscrupulous barangay officials, from chairmen to kagawad. The also face dismissal from government service.

Last November, Estrada ordered the mandatory drug testing of 7,168 elected barangay officials in the city’s 896 barangays as part of his continuing campaign to eliminate drugs in the country’s capital.

Estrada earlier confirmed that “some” barangay chairmen have tested positive for drug use. They were subjected to confirmatory drug tests at the East Avenue Medical Center.

The drug test results are now with the Manila Health Department (MHD), Manila Barangay Bureau (MBB), and MPD.#