Busted! Jel Estrada captures top swindler in San Juan

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This con man is finally behind bars after duping hundreds of people.

Vice Mayor Janella Estrada is quite pleased that the San Juan police has been able to put their hands on John Andres, who has allegedly swindled thousands of pesos in local government funds and solicitations from various offices and cities in Metro Manila.

Estrada posted his capture on Facebook and asked for others who were victimized by Andres to coordinate with San Juan city hall to build up the cases to be lodged against him.

Several netizens flooded the comments section of Estrada’s post, claiming that Andres asked money from them as he was set to join a gay, which turned out to be bogus.

Another commenter said the man previously made the rounds at the Mandaluyong city hall. Nahuli rin sa wakas!