Mag-public pool na lang kayo! Manila Bay too dirty for swimming, Erap says

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada is reminding the public, especially Manileños, not to swim in the polluted waters of Manila Bay.

Instead, Estrada said Manileños can use the city government’s well-maintained public swimming pools free of charge.

“Time and again, we’ve been constantly telling everyone that is not safe to swim in Manila Bay. You’ll contract many diseases there,” the Manila mayor said.

“Here in Manila, we have five public pools. They can go there and swim all they want.”

Estrada said he has recently been briefed by the Manila Health Department (MHD) about the water quality in the Manila Bay: as in the past years, the bay still has a high amount of coliform or bacteria found in the feces of warm-blooded animals.

Garbage and toxic chemicals in the bay may also cause rashes and other skin infections and in worse cases – dysentery, diarrhea and viral and bacterial gastroenteritis, he added.

Estrada said three large drainage pipes from Ermita regularly flushes out its contents in Manila Bay while refuse from Cavite and nearby towns and cities also empty out near Roxas Boulevard.

Passing ships also bring more waste materials to the bay’s toxic waters, he added.

Despite an existing city ordinance banning swimming in any part of Manila Bay, many residents continue to swim in its polluted waters as the summer season approaches.