Mind the people: Mayor Abby orders strict enforcement of traffic rules on pedestrian lanes

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Makati City Mayor Abby Binay has ordered the Public Safety Department (PSD) to strictly enforce traffic regulations on pedestrian lanes following reports from concerned citizens about motorists blatantly disregarding the safety of pedestrians.

“I have been receiving several reports from Makatizens that pedestrians are often put at risk by motorists who fail to observe the basic road courtesy of giving way to pedestrians, even those who are crossing on pedestrian lanes,” Binay said.

The mayor also cited a report from the Makati Police Department showing that last year, a total of 204 pedestrians were injured in accidents involving various types of vehicles. Of these, 13 were hit-and-run victims, while four-wheel vehicles were tagged as top culprits with 117 victims, followed by motorcycles with 76 victims.

“I have asked our traffic enforcers from PSD to see to it that pedestrian lanes are not blocked by vehicles so that people can cross safely to the other side of the road. Any obstruction poses danger to pedestrians because it forces them to walk outside the lane markings which are supposed to be a ‘safe zone’ for them,” said the lady politiko.

Under Article 20, Section 105 of the Makati Traffic Code of 2003, a driver approaching a pedestrian crossing shall travel at such a speed that he or she will be able to stop the vehicle before reaching the pedestrian crossing. It also requires the driver to give way to any pedestrian who is on a pedestrian crossing and prohibits any part of the vehicle from encroaching on a pedestrian lane at a stoplight.

According to data from PSD, Makati currently has a total of 146 pedestrian lanes with traffic lights, 32 pedestrian lanes without traffic lights, 11 overpasses, seven underpasses, and 64 intersections along the city’s major thoroughfares.

The mayor has also directed the PSD to review the existing provisions of the Makati Traffic Code and identify those that need to be amended as well as those that are already obsolete and should be deleted and/or replaced.

“There is clearly a need to revisit and modify our existing traffic laws in order to make them more effective in promoting order and discipline on our streets. It is a crucial step in ensuring road safety for motorists, commuters, and pedestrians in Makati,” Binay said.#