Makati residents can get civil documents for free, says Mayor Abby

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Here’s some good news for Makati City residents: From February 22 to 24, local folk will be able to get civil documents for free.

The City Civil Registration Office (CCRO) has waived fees for the processing and release of certified true copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates and Certificate of No Record to residents and qualified clients in observance of Civil Registry Month this February.

Ordinance No. 2017-023 aims to underscore the importance of civil registration among Makati residents and provide free access to civil registry documents to those who cannot afford to pay the corresponding fees.

“I encourage our constituents to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a copy of any of these important documents for free from the CCRO at the City Hall in the next three days,” Mayor Abby Binay said.

The ordinance has temporarily suspended the collection of local fees imposed by the Makati Revenue Code on the processing and issuance of certified true copies of civil registry documents, as follows: certificates of Live Birth, Foundling, Death and Fetal Death, P100; Certificate of Marriage, P100; and Certification of No Record on File, P100.

Under the ordinance, Makati residents can avail themselves of one free certified true copy of one of the above-mentioned documents. Those who will secure more than a single copy will have to pay the regular fees as prescribed by the Makati Revenue Code.

CCRO head Josephine Copada said all residents and clients of Makati who were born and married in Makati, and all Makati residents and clients with relatives who died in Makati are qualified for the said benefit.

The CCRO, located at the 3rd floor of Makati City Hall Main Building, will be open from 8am to 5pm to accept applications from Wednesday to Friday this week.

Clients are advised to bring the following requirements: Valid ID of the requesting party (document owner, his or her parent, spouse or offspring of the document owner), and authorization letter from the document owner, if to be taken by his or her representative (parent, spouse or offspring).

The certified true copies of requested documents will be released after three (3) working days from filing of application.

The waiver of the said fees will continue to be effective during Civil Registration Month in succeeding years, as determined by the City Mayor.