Erap: Solar City urban center will boost – not kill – businesses in Manila’s tourist belt

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada assured local business owners that the soon-to-built Solar City commercial and business district in Manila Bay will not affect business establishments in the area, particularly in Malate and Ermita.

On the contrary, Estrada said the 148-hectare Solar City commercial, business, and residential center will even boost the restaurant and entertainment industry at the city’s tourist belt by bringing in more tourists.

“Solar City is intended to be built as a tourist- and entertainment-oriented operation, so we expect more tourists to come once the project has been completed. In turn, this will benefit businesses in the nearby areas, such as Malate and Ermita,” Estrada pointed out.

Solar City is a state-of-the-art, tourism, a commercial and residential district in Manila Bay to be composed of three reclaimed islands where business centers, residential and commercial properties, and tourism facilities, including an international cruise ship terminal, will be put up.

The project proponent, Manila Goldcoast Development Corp. (MGDC), has partnered with the city government of Manila to reclaim and develop the awarded reclamation project.

“There will be more tourist arrivals once the cruise terminal has been put up, and it will bring more income to the surrounding communities and businesses, aside from billions in taxes the city government will get,” Estrada said.