QC to acquire hi-tech air quality monitoring system

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The Quezon City Council has allowed the city government to buy an air quality monitoring system designed to measure the volume of air pollutants and other particulate matters emitted by vehicles and establishments in the city.

City Council Resolution No. 6905-2016 also authorized the city government to allocate P19.5 million for the purpose.

The project will be overseen by the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD).
According to the EPWMD, the air quality monitoring system is expected to be operational this year.

It will be pilot-tested at QC Hall and eventually move around key areas in the city which have a large volume of vehicles and establishments.

Based on a recent study conducted by the University of the Philippines – Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (UP-IESM), Katipunan Avenue and Quezon Avenue have been identified as having the highest concentration of pollutants in QC.

The UP-IESM has proposed to assist the city government in the establishment of an air pollution monitoring and management program and a health risk assessment for Quezon City in order to determine the risks of exposure to levels of inhalable outdoor pollution in hotspots that represent road side, residential, recreational and urban background sites in QC.