Throwback! Remember when Miro Quimbo worked in Congress with a dextrose attached on his hand?

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Everybody knows how passionate Marikina City Representative Miro Quimbo is when it comes to his job. But not all remember one fateful day four years ago when he showed up in Congress with an IV Fluids attached to his hand just to stand firm to his principles and support what he believes in.

The Politiko posted a throwback photo on his Instagram account showing how he stood tall behind the podium and voted in favor the passage of then RH Bill. He wrote:

“I’ve always taken my job seriously. Dapat Lang naman siguro, d ba? That’s why I never gave it too much fanfare when I chose to temporarily leave the hospital, against doctor’s advise, to vote on the RH Bill, exactly four years ago.”

Rep. Miro took his father’s words by heart and lives by it, especially when it comes to public service. “Ive always taken to heart my father’s words that he’d rather see me take an opposing view of his than see me not taking one at all.”

He was suffering from Dengue during when it was time to vote for the passage of the bill. Because he is a Politiko by heart in sickness and in health, Rep. Miro go against the wishes of his doctors and attended the session–even if it means he will come in not taking a bath for two days straight.

“To be honest, I wasn’t concerned about the risks the doctors had warned me about when I left the hospital. I was more worried that I had not taken a bath for 2 days when I went to the plenary floor. #15thcongress”

News anchors Ces Drilon and Karen Davila both expressed their disbelief and amazement of his passion, and how they had no idea he was ‘ligo-less’ for two days.


Navotas City Representative Toby Tiangco also found the venue to spill some secrets–that he was beside Rep. Miro because he was sniffing his smell. Of course he was kidding. Or not?

He wrote: “Hindi mo ba napaansin @miroquimbo kaya ako nasa tabi mo inaamoy kita hehe, peace partner hehehe and merry chriatmas” To which the Politiko from Marikina replied: “Good old days @toby.tiangco We were still sporting identical hair styles. LOL”