On a streak! Miro Quimbo passes 2 bills in 2 days

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Looks like Marikina City Representative Miro Quimbo has been making the most of the remaining days of the year as he is on a roll, passing two bills in two days.

The Politiko shared his achievement on his Instagram account, needing no words as its caption. Rep. Miro noted on the photo itself the two bills he consecutively and successfully passed in the Lower House, namely House Bill 42: Local Water Districts Tax Coordination and House Bill 3010: Estate Tax Amnesty and 300% Rate Cut. The bills were passed December 13 and December 14, respectively.

Rep. Miro has been known to be a Politiko who advocates and actively campaigns for tax deduction especially for the low-income earners in the country.

If this achievement is not enough proof of how hard working this Politiko is, stalk his social media platforms and how he conducts emergency staff meetings until 1 am, or roam around the city at night just to check on the city’s local police.

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