Bastos! Navotas city hit for sexist bakla, tomboy pagent

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State auditors scored the Navotas city government for spending its gender and development (GAD) fund for a “sexist” walk for a cause and pageant of the gays and lesbians supposedly meant to eliminate discrimination.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the city for 2015 appropriated P45,773,510 or more than the mandated five percent GAD share on the annual budget.

At least P43,493,198.81 was expended for the year.

To fulfill its GAD objective of eliminating stigma and discrimination toward the LGBT, the city held an LGBT walk for a cause which turned out to be parade and contest of the gays and lesbians in costume.

The auditors said the contest ended up with the giving of prizes for “Best in Costume” – P7,000 for the first prize, P5,000 for the second prize, and P3,000 for the third prize.

“We took notice of the activities conducted for Lesbian-Gay-Bakla-Tomboy walk for a cause ending up with contest and giving of prizes for three ‘Best in Costume,’ Ᵽ3,000.00 for 3rd prize, Ᵽ5,000.00 for 2nd prize and Ᵽ7,000.00 for first prize,” the auditors said.

The auditors said the event did not protect the gays and lesbians from discrimination.

“As observer of the activities, we viewed that the LGBT community did not earn the respect expected and did not eliminate stigma and discrimination of the public,” the auditors said.

The COA urged the city mayor John Reynald Tiangco to have the GAD focal person strengthen the GAD Focal Point System and set up the GAD Database, so as to align the GAD programs with the objectives.

The city government admitted the deficiencies noted and vowed to comply with the audit recommendations.