Politikos get tired too! Fabian Cadiz shares the bed with a patient after long day of being doc-on-the-go

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Marikina Vice Mayor Fabian Cadiz can easily make 24/7 clinic doctors make a run for their money. Staying true to his first passion, the doctor-turned-Politiko took it to his job description to roam around the streets of his city, geared with his stethoscope hung around his neck and a briefcase full of drugs–the good kind.

He may be Doc-on-the-go, a superhero for many of his constituents, but at the end of the day–or maybe even at the middle of it, he gets tired too. Too tired that he even shared a bed with one of his patients for a quick afternoon recharge.

The Politiko posted on his Facebook account a photo of him taking a break in one of the house of a patient he visited. He wrote: “Pahinga muna doctor…….”

After all, who can really resist the bed when it calls your name, right?